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Haven Blog

Haven Blog

EMDR: The mysterious and mind-blowing therapy

Most people notice that stress can cause headaches, and anxiety can cause that fluttering deep in your belly. Maybe you've heard the story of a widow who died from "a broken heart"? The link between the mind and body is something that is trendy to Western medicine but integral in most indigenous cultures around the World. I was recently trained...[ read more ]

Snack-size meditation: Inspirational apps to get you grounded in 5 minutes!

As a trauma therapist I find that apps can be brilliant tools for daily self-care. The only problem is that most people don't feel that they have time for meditation! If you can set aside just five minutes, you can potentially reap the life-changing benefits of meditation. These are my favorite apps that I recommend for busy clients (or myself)....[ read more ]

Holiday Grief Avalanche

*This post includes more self-disclosure than I would usually use, but I thought I would share my genuine experience because vulnerability allows people to make real connections with others. The holidays are not always jolly and great. Crying my eyes out during Thanksgiving this year, I had a sad epiphany. When you lose someone you love, you don’t just lose...[ read more ]

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