Sierra Coleman, LGMFT

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About Me

My name is Sierra Coleman, LGMFT, and helping people is my calling! I feel lucky to be able to call myself a therapist as it’s my passion. I have always wanted to make a true difference in peoples’ lives, particularly couples. As someone who has always been fascinated by relationships and the way people communicate, I decided to pursue my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy to learn the most about helping with relational problems.

I enjoy working with couples, individuals, and families. 

My speciality areas include: LGBTQ+, sexual kinks, anxiety, depression, communication, life transitions, and identity and belonging. my orientation is deeply person centered with an emphasis on experiential therapy. I gravitated towards the simplicity of this model as it is more flexible, giving creative license to both therapist and client. I believe that problems are interwoven parts of the whole person (mind, body, environment, and the interpersonal) and see counseling as a collaborative process to empower my clients through developing awareness and supporting their journey to find healing and effective ways to getting their inherent needs met.

I believe in the values and mission of The Haven Center and look forward to all the great work we can accomplish on your therapy journey!

Check out Sierra's recent podcast appearance on The Hormone Lifestyle Zone on the topic Am I Normal? What is Sexual Intimacy?

*Sierra is a Licensed Graduate Marriage and Family Therapist (LGMFT) supervised by India Simms, LCMFT, Board approved clinical supervisor.