Sex Therapy

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How does Sex Therapy work?

We focus on the physical relationship between two people in a relationship, then identify the couple’s attitudes about sex and the sexual problem. From there, we will often recommend specific exercises to refocus the couple’s attention and expectations.

Specific objectives may include the following:
  • Learning to relax during intimate moments
  • Learning to communicate what you’d like in a positive way
  • Improving sexual satisfaction in the relationship
  • Ruling out psychological or relational causes for sexual dysfunction or ED
  • Treating erectile dysfunction and other erectile disorders
  • Discussing dynamics of ethical non-monogamy and adding a new sexual partner(s)
Couples therapy and sex therapy available for non-traditional couples in the following categories:
  • Ethical Non-Monogamy, Open relationships
  • Polyamory
  • Kink identified
  • Swingers /Lifestyle

If you’d like to explore sex therapy, know that you aren’t alone in having sexual problems. Please reach out today so we can schedule an appointment.