Couples Therapy Intensives

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Types of Intensives We Offer

Your therapist will come to your home for intensive sessions. Each intensive is customized to your relationship strengths and challenges. Our offerings fall into the following categories. We recommend picking the topics you want to cover and combining intensive sessions into a package.

Communication Skill & Conflict Resolution Intensive

Learn techniques to communicate more effectively- During times of tension and expressing desires. Set ground rules for fighting fair and learn ways to pivot from toxic communication. 

Head Start to Couples Therapy Intensive

Our typical start to couples therapy treatment, but expedited into one long session. We will gather your relationship timeline of important milestones, gather a biopsychosocial history of each partner, meet with each partner individually to gain perspective and set goals, and have a closing summary meeting. This is a good start to your course of couples therapy or to add to another intensive type. 

Sex Therapy Intensive

We will explore your sexual history and discuss techniques to meet your sexual intimacy goals. This includes a combination of solo and couples interventions.

Premarital Therapy Intensive

Explore a variety of topics important to setting the foundation of your partnership. Including communication skills and conflict resolution.   

What is a Couples Therapy Intensive?

A Couples Therapy Intensive is a focused, immersive form of therapy designed to help couples address and resolve significant relationship issues in a condensed time frame. Intensives allow your therapist to include multiple sessions worth of material into a 5 hour in-home session. This format allows couples to make substantial progress in a shorter period of time.

Key Features of Couples Therapy Intensives:

1. Concentrated Time Together - Couples therapy intensives involve several hours of therapy each day, offering a deep dive into the relationship's core issues without the interruptions of daily life. This concentrated time helps couples engage deeply with the therapeutic process and achieve breakthroughs more quickly.

2. Customized Approach -Therapists tailor the intensive sessions to address the specific needs and challenges of each couple. This personalized approach ensures that the therapy is relevant and effective, focusing on the unique dynamics of the relationship.

3. Comprehensive Assessment - Before the intensive begins, couples typically undergo a thorough assessment to identify their relationship's strengths and areas of concern. This helps the therapist develop a targeted plan for the intensive sessions.

4. Healing Environment - Intensives are conducted in a private, supportive setting where couples can feel safe to explore their issues openly and honestly. This environment fosters trust and encourages meaningful dialogue.

5. Practical Tools and Strategies - Throughout the intensive, couples learn practical tools and strategies to improve their communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their emotional bond. These skills are designed to be applied in daily life, ensuring lasting positive changes.

6. Follow-Up Support - Many therapy intensives include follow-up sessions or resources to help couples maintain the progress they've made. This ongoing support can be crucial for sustaining the benefits of the intensive over the long term.

Benefits of Couples Therapy Intensives:

  • Rapid Progress: The intensive format allows couples to address and resolve issues more quickly than traditional therapy.
  • Deep Connection: The immersive nature of the therapy helps couples reconnect on a deeper emotional level.
  • Immediate Impact: Couples often leave an intensive with a renewed sense of commitment and a clear plan for moving forward.
  • Long-Lasting Results: By learning and practicing new skills in a concentrated setting, couples are better equipped to handle future challenges.

Who Can Benefit from a Couples Therapy Intensive?

Couples therapy intensives are ideal for couples who:

  • Are experiencing significant distress or conflict in their relationship.
  • Want to resolve longstanding issues quickly.
  • Are preparing for marriage or dealing with pre-marital concerns.
  • Have busy schedules that make weekly therapy sessions impractical.
  • Need a reset to reignite their relationship and improve their connection.

Take the Next Step

If you're ready to transform your relationship and achieve lasting change, a couples therapy intensive may be the solution you need. Contact us today to learn more about our customized intensives and how they can help you build a stronger, more fulfilling partnership.