Individual Services

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What happens in an individual therapy session?

After discussing client history and defining goals in the first session we will come up with a plan. The plan is suited to the client’s pace. We can decide whether to work on processing a problem, or trying new coping skills to make a change. This is where your therapist will challenge you to try new things!

What do people work on in therapy?

The possibilities are endless. There’s no issue too big or small. We can work on something like military combat trauma or how to set boundaries with loved ones.

With individual therapy the universal goal for our clients live life wholeheartedly. Are you a person in search of a toolbox for processing your trauma? Or do you need help taming your anxiety? Even the most “successful” of us have baggage to unpack. Whether you are in need of a guide or a good listener, we are here to help.

Finding the right fit

Each therapist is different and one of the most important parts of therapy is the amount of rapport you have with your therapist. Some clients request a 20 minute virtual consultation before scheduling their first session. You can book a consultation in the client portal online.