Therapy for Veterans & Military Service members

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India loves working with veterans and military families!

In her own words:

In my last role before opening my practice I worked as a combat trauma and military sexual trauma (MST) therapist for veterans and active duty service members.

Although I did not serve in the military, I have spent almost 6 years immersed in the culture and I have a lot of important knowledge about how to navigate the VA system.

I learned about the military acronyms, the lifestyle, the values, and the intense stressors that service members face. Adapting to the military is often incompatible with family life (even if both partners are service members). We can work on integrating back into the family, and strengthening bonds.

There are three major topics that therapy centers around in my work with veterans:

  • Medical problems that veterans in each era face due to exposures
  • PTSD / trauma and moral injury
  • Helping veterans to understand their partners and vice versa”

If you or someone you know needs help in one of the areas described above, give me a call. The Haven Center offers a military discount for veterans seeking therapy. Post 9/11 Veterans may be eligible for free sessions through a partnership with the Camaraderie Foundation.