• We specialize in sex therapy & couples counseling in Maryland & DC.

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Healthy Relationships Grow Here


Relationship stress can be so overwhelming! 

But with the help of a therapist, there is no issue too big, too small or taboo to tackle. We provide virtual Relationship Therapy, or Sex Therapy for people who are ready to find solutions to intimate problems. We are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists trained to provide effective tools for various problems.

We help you figure it out

Your couples therapist is your guide to resolving conflict and reclaiming your joy as a couple. If your partner is not ready for therapy, we can work with you individually to support you in your journey.

Inclusivity is the mission

LGBTQIA+ allied, sex positive, kink-friendly and nurturing to all clients. Many of our clients are young professionals in fields such as healthcare, including therapy providers. We have experience working with high profile clients in several different arenas. Although our specialty is trauma and relationships we work with a variety of different concerns. The common factor is providing a non-judgmental, embracing environment.

We have experience with:

BIPOC couples

Same sex and LGBTQIA couples

Polyamorous and ENM couples

Interracial couples

Neurodivergent couples

Interfaith couples

Military veteran couples

First responder couples

Blended families

Couples deciding to break-up or divorce

Both therapists on staff are Certified Sexologists and Licensed MFTs 

We believe in open communication about sex. Let's explore sex, sexuality, and increasing pleasure together.


Not trying to brag but...

Our clients love us! Check us out with a consultation or intake. Book online.

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The Haven Center provides therapy for DC and Maryland couples and individuals online. When it comes to addressing relationship problems, working with a Marriage and Family Therapist is essential. These specialized therapists bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table specifically to help couples navigate the complexities of relationships. They understand the communication patterns, and emotional intricacies that can challenge even the strongest partnerships.

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