Couples Services

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What happens in couples therapy?

Participating in couples therapy allows two people to come to a neutral location, and work through problems in a safe space. The therapist forms an alliance with the relationship (not the partners), keeps the conversation fair, teaches communication skills, and helps to provide new solutions. We will assess your history together, your relationship goals, and start to practice new habits.

What kinds of problems can we work on?

Are you and your partner struggling to get along? Do you need a reset to start communicating better? Do you need help with your sex life?

Couples issues are complex, and they often impact more than just the couple as a unit. Working on your relationship can help set the tone for the whole family. I can help you to learn to talk to one another, and improve your emotional, and sexual intimacy.

What if we are contemplating a breakup/divorce?

For some couples, therapy is the last step before divorce. If you need someone to help you decide as a couple whether to stay in the relationship or not, I can offer discernment therapy as a tool to help with your decision. Already separated? Many couples need help with managing how to communicate in two different homes, especially if you have children. Let’s work on managing schedules, co-parenting, and blended family issues.

Is the Haven Center inclusive of all couples?

The Haven Center is a nurturing space for all couples! Sex positive, LGBTQ affirming, kink-friendly, and strengths focused.

Are there types of couples that you have specialized experience with?

Veteran couples, couples where one partner has PTSD, eating disorders, or couples with infidelity.