Ayanna Hatcher, LCPC

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About Me

My name is Ayanna, and I specialize in trauma and couples therapy. 

It is important for me to provide services that are LGBTQ+ affirming and inclusive. At the Haven Center we help individuals and couples navigating traditional relational issues, open relationships (ENM), polyamory, and other non-traditional relationship arrangements. I use a mind/body approach to support individuals who’ve been silenced, belittled, dismissed, criticized, or ignored- to live more heart-fully.I have experience working with persons who have endured polyvictimization, racial-based trauma, chronic stress, relational discord, loss of identity, hope and/or security and those navigating the process of self-exploration, working toward self-acceptance.

It is my hope that if you are reading this, you have taken the time to congratulate yourself for reaching this stage in your healing journey…and if you have not, can we allow a moment to give ourselves a warm embrace for all that we’ve witnessed, experienced and overcome thus far? 

To help maximize your outcomes, I aim to cultivate trauma sensitive, adaptive, and expansive spaces that offer opportunities for centering, attunement, cognitive processing, embodiment exercises and strengthening mind, body, and soul connections.

Ayanna Hatcher is a Licensed Professional Counselor who is passionate about couples therapy and holistic individual therapy. She has a warm and genuine approach to therapy, providing a safe space for clients.

Ayanna has special experience with:

Couples therapy

Holistic therapy

Breathwork for sensuality and pleasure 

Complex trauma therapy

Mindfulness and yoga

LGBTQIA affirming therapy

Sexual issues (and pursuing certification as a Certified Sexologist) 

Your therapy journey starts here! Contact us to schedule your first appointment with Ayanna.